Pathway and Leopard

It’s been a while since Leopard was unleashed onto our desktops, but people have been telling me they would like certainty about how Pathway and Leopard get along. So to end any confusion:

Pathway 1.0.6 is Leopard-compatible and should work without any problems. If you still encounter any, please notify me and we’ll work it out.

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Pathway 1.0.4

Google has updated its web search interface, and since Pathway relies on this interface, the search function doesn’t work anymore.
That means it’s time for a fix update: v1.0.4.

There are two extra localizations too:
- Galician, by Manel Rives
- Simplified Chinese, by Jun Yuan

as well as some fixes in the other translations.

Get the update via the autoupdate function in Pathway or here.

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Pathway 1.0

As promised, here’s Pathway 1.0. It includes some minor fixes:

- Fixed a bug where Pathway wouldn’t save page text for regular web pages.
- Fixed a bug where Pathway would order collections incorrectly after renaming or removing them.
- Fixed a bug where the page collection view would not immediately update after dragging or removing collections.

And one translation (others are coming):

Italian (thanks, Gabriele Sbaiz!)

Download it (as usual) here.

NOTE: Due to many underlying changes, I regret to say that Pathway 1.0 is not compatible with documents created in version 0.6.1 or earlier. Please contact me if you’d like a copy of 0.6.1 to still be able to open these files.

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Hi all. Thought I’d let you know where I’m working on. Below is a screenshot which I’ve made to let you give your opinion:


As you can see, I’ve added a contents drawer. Clicking an item scrolls the page to the corresponding paragraph. But should you be using all that screen real estate just to show the contents of a page? A second option is to embed a button in the horizontal divider between the page web and the page browser. You would then click it to bring up a pop-up menu with a hi�rarchical contents structure. Upside: It’s non-obtrusive. Downside: you’ve got to click twice (and scroll in some cases) to achieve the same.

Please help me out and drop a line in the comments :-)

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Pathway 1.0.6

A small update, with a workaround for Safari 3 bugs as the most important fix.
Furthermore, includes a control to change the browser font size, primitive caching, and some behavior improvements when using the application offline.

The past months have been extremely busy for me, filled mostly with work at Orbicule and some vacation in between, which is partly responsible for the lack of updates.

A next version of Pathway will be developed over the coming months — as much as time allows me to. Most of my ideas are still in the “floating in the brain” phase, so it is effectively vaporware ;) .
In a nutshell, I plan to make Pathway useful to more people by broadening its purpose: from a Wikipedia browser to a link aggregator.
I’ll be detailing some of the new features as they develop.

In the mean time, have fun with the app!

Download it here or view the release notes.

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Pathway and Safari 3

Pathway currently has two problems/bugs related to Safari 3 (or rather, the other way around).

One is that when adding pages, no search results appear. Just type the right article title in the mean time, and hit “Add pages”, as a workaround.
The second is the malfunction of links on a page. Apparently, sometimes the underlying WebKit framework returns incomplete or bad information about the link clicked, and Pathway will not be able to follow that link. There’s no workaround for this.

The first one is fixed, but it’s no use updating Pathway since the second one is far worse and hasn’t been solved yet. There has been filed a bug report with Apple, and hopefully they will have fixed the bug asap.

In the mean time, I can only suggest you go back to Safari 2. Version 3 is only a beta, and I’m hearing some other apps have trouble with it too (mostly with a workaround or fix — I’m not that lucky here…)

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll have Pathway up and working again as soon as possible!

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Apple Design Awards

I’m proud to say that Pathway is the runner-up as Best Student Product in the 2007 Design Awards! I’d like to thank everyone for their support and interest over the past months. Your feedback has greatly helped in shaping the application.

To all people that have e-mailed me or commented on the blog, I’m having one of those everything-at-the-same-time moments right now, with a busy WWDC past and finals underway. As such, it can take a while before you get a reply.

I also want to mention that I will release a last update for Tiger in the coming months. This update will include some longed-for features like better offline caching, network preferences, browser view customization,… After that, I will concentrate development effort on the soon to be released Leopard.

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Pathway 1.0.5

There was an ugly but code-wise tiny bug that needed fixing: Pathway didn’t always correctly display the results for the search term you entered.
Additionally, Christian Weghaus and Charles François Rey were so kind to supply me with a German respectively French translation.

There’s a tiny but handy extra feature too: you can now open the current Safari page in a new Pathway document, by clicking a bookmarklet in your bookmarks or bookmark bar.
To get this bookmarklet, just drag the following link to your bookmarks bar or add it to your bookmarks:

Open in Pathway

Download the newest version here or via the Sparkle autoupdate function.

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Pathway 1.0.3

Another localization update for your pleasure!
The following languages have been added:

- Swedish, thanks to Stefan Bogstedt
- Spanish, thanks to Manel Rives

Grab it here (or update from within the application)

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Pathway 1.0.1

Quick update, with a few languages added:

- Hungarian (Tamas Marton)
- Danish (Christian Colding)
- Traditional Chinese (Jack M.H. Lin)
- Dutch (myself)

You can update from within Pathway.

More languages to come!…

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Pathway 1.0b

It’s been a while, and I’m pleased to release an update for Pathway, namely v.1.0b. Why the version jump, you ask? It’s because I believe Pathway is nearing the state of a complete application (although there will still be a lot of updates in the future).
But there are enough new features and enhancements to warrant that jump, as you can see in the release notes.

I plan to release a final 1.0 very soon, incorporating bugs and/or smaller suggestions that you find.

This build is localized in English only, and translations in 12 more languages will (hopefully) soon be made available.
Mind that you can update Pathway from within 0.6.1 or earlier, via Sparkle.

So, as always, I appreciate comments and remarks in the comments or via mail.

Have fun with it! Download it here.

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