Pathway is a Mac application.

It requires at least OS X 10.4 (Tiger), and is currently available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Swedish and Italian, with more localizations coming.

It is built as a Universal application and will run on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

You can download it by clicking on its icon below.

Download Pathway 1.0.7 (2,9 MB)




(Leopard compatible)

Release notes

Please note that Pathway is a work in progress (see the feature page). This build has been tested as thoroughly as possible, but I too know there’s room for expansion.
So again, if you use it and suddenly realize that something important to you isn’t there, tell me, so I can add more features that hopefully, many of you will like.

Pathway is donationware. This means it’s free to use.

But many, many hours are put into developing and refining it. So if you like it, please consider donating by clicking the button on the right.
Any amount is greatly appreciated, and stimulates me to continue to work on it.

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